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We offer a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy procedures including gastroscopy, ERCP, cystoscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy and more.

Proving Trusted Care Since (Year)

Having a team of senior medical consultant in Gastroenterology and specialists in pancreato-biliary endoscopy – we diagnose and treat gastrointestinal disorders through a wide range of endoscopic procedures. Our consultants provide a comprehensive, professional, and personal service in hepatology, gastroenterology, and endoscopy.

All our endoscopy facilities are equipped with advanced technology across all areas of medicine to provide our patients with a fast diagnosis and the latest treatments. From first referral through diagnosis, treatment, expert advice and discharge, our specialists provide assistance to every step of the way.

Our Offered Services

Our expert clinicians from nursing staff to gastroenterologists and anaesthetists work together to devise comprehensive pre-assessment and procedure management plans. Together with our advanced facilities, we perform the endoscopy procedures, resulting in minimal down-time for patients afterwards. Other than this, we provide:

·        Complete medical consultations and follow-ups

·        Screening and diagnostic colonoscopy

·        Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

·        Flexible sigmoidoscopy

·        Anorectal procedures

·        Minor surgical procedures

What Makes Us Different?

Our GI Unit is supported by a multidisciplinary team of medical and surgical consultants. At Dynamic Castlemore Center, we use state of the art technology combined with artificial intelligence diagnosis. Our expert gastroenterologists provide a relaxing environment for your procedures, adhering to all safety precautions and protocols.

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It is a thorough examination of your rectum, colon, and lower large intestine. It is used to screen for bowel cancer, to check for and remove polyp...


An enteroscopy is a test that looks at the lining of your small intestine. An enteroscope is a light-emitting thin, flexible microscope. This test...


A bronchoscope will be inserted through your nose or mouth into your airways, past your larynx (voice box), and down your windpipe (trachea) (bronc...


A hysteroscopy is a medical procedure that uses a thin telescope called a hysteroscope to examine the uterus. A hysteroscopy is used to look into s...


A cystoscopy may be recommended by our doctor to help diagnose any problems with your bladder or urethra. They may be investigating the source of a...

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